What It's Like to Work With Eden

“Working with Eden is an absolute joy! Her eye for the English language is akin to that of a computer scientist for their code. Not only is she accurate, but thoughtful and kind in her feedback. She will go above and beyond by suggesting improvements for overall flow and organization of written work in addition to the basic copyediting of spelling, punctuation, etc. Want to have a healthy debate about semi-colons? Feel free to ask her about corrections that she has made and she’ll give you the linguistic history of why this correction is this way or that. You will finish working with Eden more informed than when you began—that is a certainty!”

— Mareika McLaughlin, course developer

“I am an experienced academic writer, and well published, but I needed some editing help with a long piece on right-wing populism in Europe for a demanding journal editor! Eden was recommended to me by a colleague and I cannot commend her work enough. She was prompt, polite, and clear. She offered a transparent estimate for her work and the appropriate contract. She edited my 9000-word article in a few days, stayed within budget, and even more importantly for me, she offered some substantive comments/questions on the content of the article. This was as if I was getting a fourth external review and was most welcome. She was willing to answer a few more questions even after she had completed the edits. A few weeks later the article was accepted without a single change requested by the journal editor. I look forward to hiring Eden again in the future. For me as a non-native English speaker, it is precious to know I can count on her.”
 — Catherine Guisan, university professor

“As the coeditor of a book series with University of Virginia Press, as well as to help an old friend, I was responsible for steering a complex manuscript through the production process. I hired Eden to do the proofreading. The text was very difficult and involved the previous work of several other editors, creating consistency among essays written at different times for journals with different formats, and many challenging terms in Pali and Sanskrit. Eden came in ahead of time, under budget, and with impeccable accuracy. She is quick to respond and skilled in communication. I highly recommend her.”

— John Barbour, retired college professor

“I hired Eden to support the editorial process for interpretive texts in an exhibition at the Flaten Art Museum. She was a quick study in the content area, worked harmoniously with multiple exhibition partners, and provided substantive edits that took our content to the next level. Throughout the tight timeline, Eden worked efficiently, met deadlines, and delivered excellent results. An unexpected bonus was the intuitive guidance and caring support Eden provided me as I steered a rather unwieldy project to completion. I can’t imagine completing the project without Eden’s important contributions, and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.”

— Jane Becker Nelson, director and curator at St. Olaf College’s Flaten Art Museum

“There is nothing negative I can say about Eden Kaiser’s editorial work. Her attention to detail is incredible. Typos, grammar errors, flawed sentence structure . . . all were paid close attention to by Eden. Sometimes what I wrote in a later chapter didn’t agree with what I wrote in an earlier one and Eden caught these inconsistencies. She helped me cut unnecessary words in my novel. And among her comments are many compliments and words of encouragement. In short, she did a marvelous job. I hope I get the chance to work with Eden again.”

— William Hoar, young adult fiction author


“I found Eden through the internet and as of this writing we still only have a cyber relationship. Sending a manuscript (my child) off to a stranger was difficult; the work she did on my forthcoming book titled Handmade Path was excellent. I asked Eden for grammatical not content-based editing. She patiently read through 250 pages, making edits that really cleaned up the text. Eden got the project done sooner then we agreed on. Eden Bradshaw Kaiser deserves and earned the highest possible recommendation.”

— Amanda Degener, handmade paper and book artist, cavepaper@gmail.com

“I’ve worked with Eden twice now. I first hired her to copy edit a collection of essays I was publishing with an academic press. Throughout the process, she was thorough, punctual, and collegial. It isn’t always easy to go back and forth with scholars about writing issues from typos to conceptual weaknesses, but Eden handled every situation with poise and grace. After that experience, I rehired Eden to read the proofs of my monograph, and I’m so glad I did. The press hired a copy editor who worked astonishingly quickly, leaving behind many, many typos and inconsistencies in spelling, capitalization, and styleall of which Eden caught. Not only was she eagle-eyed, but she went above and beyond the scope of the work I had initially outlined despite a compressed timeline. She’s an excellent editor, and an excellent human being.”

— Louis Epstein, college professor

“Eden is a truly wonderful editor. She is detail oriented, efficient, and always pays attention to your needs. I can’t recommend her enough.”

— Igor, university professor

“Eden can internalize a style guide in record time and has an eagle eye for spotting discrepancies between any copy she’s editing and said guide. She approaches her edits in a courteous manner with an intellectual curiosity that makes working with her a real pleasure.”

— Pat Healy, higher education editor

“Eden edited my website last year. I was so impressed with her thoroughness! Not only did she notice typos and redundancies, she also checked for consistency across pages and made sure links worked, all promptly and professionally. I can’t recommend her services enough!”

— Paula Chesley, business entrepreneur

“Eden’s sharp eye and thoughtful suggestions were highly valuable as I finished up the copy and layout of my organization’s new website. She caught typos and missing details on webpages I had proofread myself several times, and she did a great job approaching the website as a visitor would and suggesting improvements.”

— Karla Hovde, graphic and web designer